Take a Peek at The Casino at Genting Highland Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is an Islamic country, they still accommodate international gambling venues in Genting Highland. Some of the regular visitors are Indonesians.

The casino is located not far from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Only 1 hour and 30 minutes by car will allow gambling addicts to reach the Genting Highland area. An area above steep hills.

The author, who had the opportunity to stop by at Genting Highland, found quite an amazing sight. To get to this gambling place, you have to go through a winding road with steep hills.

But don’t worry, the trip is quite uphill, has a very adequate road area. In fact, the road to Genting, which is located 2,000 meters above sea level (masl). Has two lanes with a road width of more than 30 meters. The road is smooth without the slightest hole.

Beautiful Area

Heading up to these hills, the forest is so beautiful. There is no visible deforested forest area. Nature is really well preserved. From below, towards the steep hills, the path was circular like a snake. Cold air stabbed to the bone. The peak of Genting is visible from below under the clouds.

Towards the top, there are shop-houses that provide food. We just have to choose according to each taste. Taking a short break by the side of the road while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The writer continues the journey to the top.

Heavy rainy weather blanketed the peak area. The tall building clawed at the sky was invisible because it was covered in thick clouds. It is in the Titiwangsa mountains that various five-star hotels are lined. At least more than 5 international standard hotels lined the mountains. One hotel to another, connecting through corridors.

December in Malaysia is the month of school holidays for 40 days. No doubt, the atmosphere in Genting is like a market. Humans flocked to the area. Many of them brought their families and some came alone to play gambling. In this mountain top area, there are not only casinos. However, there are places for children’s entertainment like in Jakarta, such as Dufan, Ancol.

Best for Holiday

That is why this area is one of the preferred places for Malaysians to have a vacation with their family. Between the crush of skyscrapers, there is a place for recreation, as well as a casino.

The writer stayed that night at a five-star hotel, First World. Which was recorded with the most hotel rooms in the world. You can imagine this hotel stands majestically with 28 floors and has 8 thousand rooms. This is yet another hotel of international standard. During this schoolchildren holiday season, almost the entire hotel occupancy is full.

Hotels in this area do not use air conditioning. Only a fan is available in each room. There is no air conditioning, therefore the area is very cold. The wind gusts with the dew, penetrating the hotel room so that it remains cold.

In this Genting area, people flock to either for vacation or to play gambling. Gambling addicts from all over the world are all there. Towards the corridor where the casino is, there is a photo of Jackie Chan depicting the Hong Kong film. Actors who had tried his luck gambling in Genting. Almost all world artists have visited the area.

Gambling Area

Entering the gambling area, Malaysians, especially Muslims, are prohibited from entering. However, non-Muslim Malaysians are allowed to play gambling. In this Genting area, it has its own authority allowed by the Malaysian government. The area manager is justified in having its own security.

At night, around 21:00 local time, when he will try to enter the gambling arena. The officers are on guard there and will ask for a passport. Before showing the identity because the officer immediately memorized that we are Indonesians. This is because if the indigenous Malaysian people would not possibly enter the area.

To get to the gambling location, you have to visit the corridor and escalator several times. If it is the first time we come to that location. We might get lost and just go around in that location. How large is the gambling venue?

In this gambling arena, we are free to choose from. There are various forms of gambling available, from electronic gambling to dice gambling. Gambling lovers just have to choose, there is an air-conditioned room that is used for non-smokers. There is also a special room for cigarette lovers.

These gambling addicts, mostly Chinese citizens who come from various parts of the world. Not to mention that Indonesian citizens are also familiar with the gambling arena. This gambling location in Genting is still much better than gambling in Singapore. This is because of the beautiful scenery and its location at the top of the mountain. Thus, Genting Highland is excellent for those who play gambling.

Minimum Preparation

To play gambling here, your pocket must be thick. At a minimum, Indonesian citizens playing gambling there must prepare around RM 4,000 or around Rp. 12 million. That’s the smallest size for gambling parties in Genting, some even bring billions of rupiah.

The prizes offered by gambling managers are also quite large. To play the jackpot, for example, if you win, you can get RM 57,000 plus a bonus of RM 35,000. Money for jackpot winners can reach more than IDR 170 million for one win.

In this gambling arena, free drinks are available for players, such as tea, coffee, and water. As for other types of drinks, such as canned drinks and various bread, gambling players must buy them themselves.

Rudi (48), a resident of Bengkalis Regency, Riau, who in a conversation with the author, once admitted to winning Rp. 170 million. Once won, a festive atmosphere echoed in the gambling room. Fellow gambling players give each other a sign of congratulations even though they don’t know each other.

Rudi admitted that if we were in gambling, that name would be recorded in the gambling arena. In fact, he said, after winning, the gambling manager would find out where to stay. Later the gambling manager will come to the hotel room.

The benefit to The Winner

For the winners, the bookies will offer the Sultan Hotel lodging in the area. Sultan Hotel has the lowest one-night rate of RM 4,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 12 million.

“When I won, the next day the gambling manager came to my room. Even though I wanted to return to Indonesia. Because there was an offer to stay for free at the Sultan Hotel. I finally delayed my return for another day,” said Rudi.

Still according to Rudi, initially after the victory, he planned to return to Indonesia soon. Because there was an offer of free lodging at this five-star hotel, finally Rudi had to stay again. And strangely, Rudi’s intention to bring home the ringgit money had to be put at stake to gamble again.

“Initially we had the intention, we would use the money for other purposes. But for some reason that night I intended to gamble again just to let go of my addiction. Unfortunately for us, that night I lost from that Rp. 170 million, I could only take it to Indonesia around the world. Another Rp25 million, “said Rudi.

According to Rudi, whoever wins the gambling in the arena will get an offer of free lodging. From the gambling manager. If the winner can refrain from gambling, maybe he can come home with the money. “But if you still bet again, you will usually lose,” said Rudi.

Member Card

For those who play gambling, a member card will be given. To get a gambling participant member card, it is free of charge. Winning gambling, the money can be taken at an ATM that is available there. That is why gambling participants before playing will be given a card that has a PIN.

This card is given to anyone who does not have it. With that card, if we don’t even win in the top jackpot position. We can easily take the winnings at an ATM or available cash withdrawal counter.

In this gambling arena, there are also international banks that work 24 hours. There are also ATMs owned by international banks if the gambling addict runs out of money. With ease, various money withdrawal transactions are available there.