Play Roulette Online and Types of Betting

Play Roulette Online and Types of Betting

Modern times like now make you no longer need to play roulette gambling with the hassle of visiting the casino building. Casino gambling games can be enjoyed from the gadget screen with the help of the internet which makes gambling activities can be started anytime and anywhere. You just need to join an online gambling agent’s website for gambling roulette to be able to play it. However, you also have to understand if the determination of gambling sites must be appropriate. The step of selecting an online roulette gambling site must be done precisely by entering into a trusted official gambling site. This step is needed as a condition so that security and comfort can be obtained.

Get to Know the Type of Gambling Roulette Game

For now, the roulette gambling betting has 2 types of games, namely European type, and American type. The difference between the two types is the availability of the number “0” on both roulette wheels. For European types, the number “0” is only one fruit. As for the American type, the number “0” has two pieces.

When you ask which type is more appropriate, we will answer the European type. Perhaps many still do not care about the number “0” on the roulette wheel board. But with the number 2, it will only benefit the dealer. For how to play fairly quickly to walk and of course easy to do.

You as a player only need to place bets on the numbers contained on the roulette wheel. The dealer will spin the roulette wheel which will then put the ball on the spinning wheel. Surely the ball will move with the opposite rotation. Over time the wheels will stop spinning. The location indicated by the ball on the roulette wheel has been the decisive number of wins. When you are correct in placing the bet, the opportunity to get profit can be obtained.
Type of Online Roulette Betting Installation

In online roulette gambling games, you will be facilitated in making a profit through the availability of many types of gambling bets. Of course, each installation will have a different chance of winning and a different profit. So you can understand, here are some types of online roulette gambling bets:

  • Straight bet

This is a roulette gambling bet made on a single number. The value of the winning prize that you will get is the biggest. Biggest even among the types of gambling bets available in online roulette, which is 1:36. But of course, the chance of winning is the smallest.

  • Split bet

This is a type of roulette gambling bet that is played by placing 2 numbers. So you will get a victory when the ball stops at one of the numbers that you put. The value of the benefits that will be obtained is 1:18.

  • Street bet

A street bet is a type of online roulette gambling that is played on 3 numbers at a time. The value of playing wins that you will be able to enjoy is 1:12.

  • Corner bet

Corner bet or can also be called a Square bet is placing roulette gambling bets on 4 numbers at once. When you win, the prize value you get is 1: 9.

  • Six line

Six line roulette bet or also commonly called double street is a roulette gambling bet that is played using 6 numbers at once. When the ball stops at the number you have set, then a win of 1: 6 can be obtained.

  • Dozen bet

This is a roulette gambling bet that is played by placing 12 numbers. There are 3 numbers that you can attach, 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. When you can win a dozen bet gambling bet. The value of the profit that can be obtained is 1: 3.

  • 12 line bet

This gambling bet is almost similar to a dozen bets because it will include 12 numbers in one bet. But what distinguishes it is 12 line bet will be divided by line. The victory value to be obtained is also the same, which is 1: 3.

  • Big and small

This gambling bet requires you to choose a large number. Or a small number that will appear as a roulette win. For large numbers are between sites 19-36. While for small numbers, it is 1-18. For the value of playing wins, you will be able to get 1: 2 cash.

  • Red and black

Red and black are color bets that you can play. On the roulette wheel, each number will have a red or black color. You only need to guess the color of the winning numbers that will be present. The winning value is 1: 2.

  • Odd and even

Bets are made by selecting odd or even numbers as winning play numbers. For the prize winner is 1: 2.

Hopefully, the information on how to play roulette gambling. And various types of betting in it can make you easier in the search for victory