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WavesGo (WGO)
Wavesgo logo 200.png
Symbol WGO
Total supply 9531483.0
Available supply 9531483.0


Market Statistics
Price BTC/WGO 0.00001221BTC
Price USD/WGO 0.130896$
24h Volume 1222.16$
Market Cap 1247633.0$
24h Change -13.74%
7d Change -39.85%

WavesGo (WGO)

WavesGO is a Waves Platform blockchain explorer. Its operators issued the WavesGo asset on the Waves blockchain, a token that features a profit sharing system where WGO token holders will receive a share of earning from the ad space renting, selling WavesGo tools, white label solutions for faucets or LPOS pools, API, BI system premium access and any other future service that requires WGO. Token holders will also receive a share in Miners Reward Token (MRT) from the earnings generated by the pool. The WavesGo asset was airdropped to Waves token holders - Click here to learn more.