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Waves Community Token (WCT)
Wct 128.png
Symbol WCT
Total supply 10000000.0
Available supply 9964597.0


Market Statistics
Price BTC/WCT 0.00008094BTC
Price USD/WCT 0.545142$
24h Volume 4681.93$
Market Cap 5432120.0$
24h Change 6.47%
7d Change -5.3%

Waves platform is all about custom application tokens and community-based projects. Now, once we have basic token functionality, we start building crowd intelligence-based mechanisms for projects approval and screening. It should engage the community to monitor and vet the upcoming projects, and provide more exposure to valid projects. It's what WTC will be all about.

What is the Waves Community Token?

The Waves Community Token (WCT) is intended to provide a tool for community assessment of crowdfunding campaigns launched on the Waves platform and incentivize long-term holding by providing an additional income stream for WAVES token holders in the form of regular asset distributions. WCT will be a virtual community organization.

WCT distribution

Based on currents functionality the first stage of asset implementation will be as follows: WCT will be distributed in stages over a period of 9 months to all Waves holders excluding exchanges. Distribution will take place on the 15th of each month based on a snapshot of WAVES balances. 20% of all WCT assets will be distributed in the first month, with 10% distributed each subsequent month. In this way, WCT will constantly add value to all active holders. The next phase of WCT operation will involve using the upcoming voting functionality. WCT holders will be able to vote for different projects. This will provide some level of community-based KYC and screening.Thus WCT aims to reward long-term holders, incentivise community engagement and provide added value to new projects hosted on the Waves platform. The first distribution of 20% of all WCT tokens will take place on January 15, 2017. It will be distributed to all waves addresses excluding exchanges proportional to the average of daily snapshots of their balance.


The next phase of WCT operation will involve using the upcoming voting functionality.

The Waves Community Token's objective is to decentralize the supervision of the assets existing on the Waves Platform. It will give the ability to their owners to vote about projects on the Waves platform, give them the verified mark.

Airdrop to WCT holder

Projects launching tokens on the Waves platform can request different services, exchanging these for a certain share of their overall token issue, which will be distributed to WCT asset holders as rewards.

Services available in exchange of reward to WCT holder

Business side verification
Proof of Concept verification
Token specs advice
Help with testing
Help with product and services integration
An introduction to community

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