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This page is a translated version of the page Tutorials: The User Interface and the translation is 23% complete.

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Uživatelské prostředí Waves Lite Klienta cílí na jednoduchost a intuitivnost. Cílem je, aby Waves Lite Klient připomínal uživatelskou zkušenost tradičních online bankovních aplikací. Dole naleznete kompletní vysvětlení současného uživatelského prostředí s vysvětlením.


Lite Client Starting Page.PNG

Toto je úvodní obrazovka Lite Klienta při vstupu do Vašeho účtu. Zde naleznete Váš současný zůstatek WAVES, Bitcoinu a fiat peněz. Také je zde zobrazeno posledních 10 transakcí Vaší adresy. Kliknutím na malou ikonu v pravé straně transakční řady, zkopírujete odesílatelovu nebo příjemci adresu, ID transakce nebo celou řadu do schránky. Dále, obsahuje navigační panel ve formě ikonek - více se o tomto dozvíte níže. Na vrchu uprostřed se nachází Waves adresa účtu, který spravujete - kliknutím na malou ikonku na pravé straně zkopírujete adresu do schránky. Hned vedle adresy také naleznete současný block height Waves blockchainu. V pravém horním rohu naleznete další možnosti, jako nastavení a zálohování účtu.

Odeslat, Vybrat a Vložit


Jak jméno napovídá, je Vám umožněno odeslat aktivum z Vašeho účtu na účet jiný.
Vybrat: Umožňuje Vám vybrat token skrze gateway. Příklad: Když vybíráte Bitcoin, směnujete plně podložený Bitcoinový-token (wBTC) na Waves blockchainu za reálný Bitcoin na nativním Bitcoin blockchainu.
Vklad: Otevře pop-up s instrukcemi jak vložit Bitcoin nebo fiat měny.


Navigace je designovaná ve formě ikonek. Dole naleznete podrobnější informace o každé záložce.


Starting page of the Lite Client. Gives you an overview over your address including the last 10 transactions. Also displays current block height and the address of the accessed account. See above for details.
Portfolio: Shows all assets held by the accessed account including the ones already shown in the Wallet tab, for example Bitcoin (wBTC). In this tab you are also able to transfer and get more information about an asset.
Waves Decentralized Exchange: Allows you to buy, sell or exchange every asset existing within the Waves Platform.
Leasing: Here you can Lease your waves.
History: Here you can see all the transaction to and from your account.
Tokens Creation Tab: As the name describes, this is the place to be if you would like to issue your very own asset.
Community Tab: Currently, this tab serves as an in-wallet block explorer. At a later stage, it will be changed into a collection of links to sites associated with the Waves ecosystem.

Back up, Preferences and User Profile

These are the buttons located in the top right corner of the Lite Client.

Back up:

Shows you the SEED, encoded SEED, private key and public key of the accessed account and allows you to copy paste the information with one click. Particularly useful if you have lost your SEED but are still able to access the account through the cached login or if you want to create a physical back up on paper.
Preferences: Not yet enabled. Will allow you to define different settings for your account.
User Profile: Not yet enabled.


The portfolio tab gives you an overview over all assets held in the respective account.

Lite Client Portfolio Page.PNG

Asset Name:

The name of the token assigned at issuance. Note: Token names are not unique! This means that there could be several assets with the same name. Always check for the Identifier (also referred to as asset ID) under Details - only the asset ID is unique.
Issuer: Address by which a token has been created.
Re-issuable: Can be either true or false. If true, an asset issuer can create more tokens after the initial issuance or, in other words, increase the supply of a token. If set to false, the total supply cannot be changed. Note: An asset can be created as re-issuable=true and at a later point changed to re-issuable=false.
Balance: Shows the balance of each asset held in the accessed account.
Transfer: Allows you to transfer an asset to a different address.
Reissue: Only available if you are the issuer of a token. If re-issuable is set to true, the button becomes available and allows you to increase the supply of a token. While re-issuing, you have the possibility to change re-issuable to false.
Details: Shows you details about an asset such as identifier (asset ID), total supply and date of issuance.
Mass Pay: Allows you to send tokens or WAVES to all asset holders proportional to their share. Also known as dividend feature.

Waves Decentralized Exchange

The Waves Decentralized Exchange allows you to buy, sell or exchange every asset existing within the Waves Platform.

DEX Tab.png

Buy order:

Shows you the existing buy order.
Sell order: Shows you the existing sell order.
Trade History: Shows you the lasts matching trades.
Buy WAVES: Allows you to make a buy order.
Sell WAVES: Allows you to make a sell order.
My Orders: Shows your lasts matching trades.

When the assets don't have a green mark, double check to be SURE that's the ones you want to trade.


Waves Leasing Window.png

Balance details:

Shows you information about your leasing balance.
Balance leasing: Allows you to make a leasing.
Leasing transaction: Shows you the history of your leasing.


The History tab allows you to see the list of all transactions from the accessed account.

Lite Client History.PNG


Exact timestamp of when a transaction has been recorded in the blockchain.
Type: Tells if a transaction was made to the account or from the account. Can be either Incoming Transfer, Outgoing Transfer or Outgoing Asset Issue.
Name: Name of the transacted token.
Sender: Account from which the transaction has been executed. Can be You or any Waves address.
Recipient: Account which has received a transaction. Can be You or any Waves address.
Fee: The amount of WAVES paid as transaction fee.
Units: Number of tokens sent or received in a transaction.

Tokens Creation Tab

In this tab, you are able to issue your very own token. The current issuance fee is 1 WAVE.

Tokens creation Tab.PNG


Give your token a name.
Description: Write a description of your token or let people know where to find more information, e.g. a link to a website. Currently, it's not possible to change the description after initial issuance.
Total Tokens: Define the total supply of your token. Can be increased at a later stage if re-issuable is set to true.
Token Decimals: Define into how many decimals your token can be divided. Example: If set to 5, you can break your token down to 0.00001 units.
Re-issuable: By tickling the box, you set re-issuable to true meaning you can increase the supply of your token at a later stage. If you don't tickle the box, the supply is fixed and cannot be increased.

Community Tab

The community tab is intended to be a collection of sources & services where users can learn more about the Waves ecosystem and all associated projects.

Right now, however, the community tab serves as a quickly accessible block explorer.

Community Tab.PNG


Current block number or block height.
Date: Exact timestamp of when the block was generated and added to the blockchain.
Transactions: Number of transactions which were included in a block.
Generator: Address of the full node which forged the block.