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The brain wallet system used by Waves allows you to import your account on any device which has the Lite Client installed. This feature enables you to access your account from anywhere on any computer at any time.

How to Import an Account

Click on Import Account on the main page of the Lite Client.

Lite Client Main Page

You will be forwarded to the following page.

Import Account.PNG

Copy and paste or write your SEED into the blank text field - the Lite Client will automatically return the corresponding address right below the text field. If you entered the correct SEED, it will display your Waves address. Then, click on Register, assign a name to the account (optional) and set a password for encryption of the SEED. To finish the process, click on Register again and you are forwarded to the user interface of the Lite Client.

How to Create your own SEED

If you wish to use a self-created SEED for your account, go through the same process as described above and enter your custom SEED.

Note: We strongly recommend making use of the proposed SEED. It is cryptographically secure and cannot be broken with current tools. If you still wish to create your own SEED, make sure it has at least 35 characters and uses upper- and lowercase letters as well as symbols.