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Leasing or LPoS

LPoS (=Leased Proof of Stake) gives you the opportunity to make the network stronger and safer while receiving more WAVES and MRT as a reward for doing so. It's the so called leasing. Most people don't have 1.000 WAVES to run their own node, so they are still able to help the whole project through leasing their WAVES to someone who is able to run a node. Most big nodes pay in a one week cycle to their users.

How to Lease your WAVES

Open the Waves Lite Client and log into your account

Open the Waves Lite Client in the Google Chrome App Store and log into your account

Google Chrome App Store Waves

Click on the Leasing Button

After you logged into your account click on the Leasing Button in the middle of the window. The button looks like a "L". The new tab will open

Leasing Button

Balance Leasing

This will be our important part. You have three editable boxes under "Balance Leasing".

This box is where the specific node address belongs to. In the Waves Community there are already several node you can lease your WAVES to.
Here is a list of currently active pools:
Name Leasing Address WAVES Accepted Tokens Other
WavesGo 3P2HNUd5VUPLMQkJmctTPEeeHumiPN2GkTb 100% RBX, MER WGO Token to Leasers
Wavesnode.NET 3P23fi1qfVw6RVDn4CH2a5nNouEtWNQ4THs 85% to lessors, 15% to WNET holders MER, WNET, OCL 40 WNET per mined block to lessors (total 2.500.000 WNET).
POSPOOL 3PNMvAqJWYPkwf8fhz46rZiLEWpTmuhD3Uh 98%
WavesCommunityNode 3PDxnbR1UTXrj84smhUP5m8WidRJjujfmCm 100%
BluemagicWaves 3PAFUzFKebbwmKFM6evx9GrfYBkmn8LcULC 100%
WavesLPoS.com 3PEx3f3J5nXGaBXZ2RYijMEsZMFfBDgNhTb 100%
wavesfullnode.com 3P4MRJvttkghWsXxGZ61kqd2M79GtLujoey 100%
WavesCommunityNode 3PDxnbR1UTXrj84smhUP5m8WidRJjujfmCm 100%
WavesPool.NET 3P3RD3yJW2gQ9dSVwVVDVCQiFWqaLtZcyzH 100%
WavesMine.com 3PPRLpTAn9ku11YpPh1YfZcojCgopeet6er 100%
BearWaves 3PEFQiFMLm1gTVjPdfCErG8mTHRcH2ATaWa 100%
Your Friendly Node 3P8DJcH7s19gjCPoL81Mw9mLwMFurmB31b5 100%
Your Friendly Node 3P8DJcH7s19gjCPoL81Mw9mLwMFurmB31b5 100%
indowavesnode.com 3PNoQHFGMVMurYP8avEwqs4CzYUVP9gt3TA none
WavesDesk.com 3P5Mdr6BMHYc1i4jpj4wraLnjF9SBXN78pc 100%
DoWaves 3PNxBZm9zqaYx5ffSyuweouTSAhJ91CZ7bm 100% Top 25 Assets Special DoWaves Bonus to long term leaser

Choose one of the addresses above you want to lease your WAVES to.
There you put your amount of WAVES you want to lease to the specific node.
That is the amount of fee you want to give for this kind of transaction. Higher Fees means faster transaction to the specific node so you can start to lease sooner.

After you put everything in the boxes you are ready to lease! So click on the "LEASE" Button

Leasing Window

Shortly after you will see a blinking list entry that is completing your leasing transaction in the "LEASING TRANSACTION" table.

Leasing Window


If I lease, do I still receive token airdrops like WBTC or RiptoBux?

Yes, you will still receive token airdrops like WBTC, WCT or RiptoBux. You only lease your WAVES but they are still in your Wallet.