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First of all, download and install the Waves Lite Client.

After you have done so, create a new or import an existing account.

Remember that issuing a token costs you 1 WAVES in transaction fees. You can get some from the Wavesdrop faucet or buy WAVES with Bitcoin from an exchange. Alternatively, you can buy WAVES at a premium directly with a credit card in the Waves Lite Client.

How to issue a Token

After you have logged in to your account, go to the Tokens Creation Tab and you'll see the following window.

Tokens creation Tab.PNG

  1. First things first, give your token a name. Important to know here is that names are not unique to prevent name squatting but the identifier, also called asset ID, is unique. Whenever you are looking for a token, search and confirm it is the right one by checking the asset ID.
  2. Then, write a description for your token. You are also able to include website links which is particularly useful considering the asset description as of now is unchangeable.
  3. After having written a description, define the total supply of your token. The total supply can either be fixed at issuance or increased later by making the asset re-issuable. More about that a little further down.
  4. Set how many decimals your asset shall have. For example, if you set 8 decimals as in Bitcoin, your token can be divided down to 0.00000001. If you set 0, your token can only be transacted in whole pieces.
  5. Re-issuable defines if an asset issuer can increase the token's supply at a later point or not. If set to true, the issuer can increase the supply any time. It's also important to know that if re-issuable is set to true at the beginning, it can still be changed to false at a later stage.

After you have filled in all fields, click on Submit and your token will be created with the next block. You'll be able to see your newly created token in the Portfolio Tab.