Miner Reward Token (MRT)

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Miner Reward Token (MRT)
Symbol MRT
Total supply 10000000.0
Available supply 10000000.0
Website Announcement
Market Statistics
Price BTC/MRT 0.00001432BTC
Price USD/MRT 0.0879846$
24h Volume 192994.0$
Market Cap 879846.0$
24h Change -11.4%
7d Change -3.79%

It makes sense to be a Waves miner – you will earn profit of around 1% on your holdings monthly.

Cryptocurrency algorithms are based on paying network participants for maintaining the network. To ensure the robustness of the network miners should be properly incentivized. On the Waves Platform, you don’t have to mine in order to profit from mining activity, you can - lease your funds to miners without losing control over them and share the profits. Besides, there’s another source of revenue for the miners, coming from Miner Reward Token. First revenue stream stems from transaction fees.

What is the Miner Reward Token?

Miners’ Reward Token (MRT): Proof-of-Stake is a powerful, efficient system that allows for fast transactions and high volumes. But while the network is growing, we wanted to reward nodes without increasing WAVES supply with new blocks of coins. The answer is the Miners Reward Token (MRT), which is distributed to miners every block, with halving every 50,000 blocks.


MRT is a flexible tool that allows miners to vote for certain network parameters and other issues that affect them. The value will also come from new asset issuers, who can strike deals with miners to accept their tokens as transaction fees – with MRT being the means of distributing payments. As a Waves token, it can be traded on the open market, including DEX. Accumulate, hold, trade – it’s up to you.

Earning MRT

Currently, you can earn around 1% monthly on your WAVES holdings if you are miner. Leasing your funds to major pools you can profit from mining without installing a Waves node.

  • If you want to become a miner please follow this Waves node installation guide. No fancy hardware is needed, a simple Amazon VPS will do. You need 10,000 WAVES to start mining.
  • If you want to lease your funds to professional miners you can do it right in your wallet.

Holding and mining WAVES can be profitable for you in many ways. Waves is growing network and it really makes sense to get onboard now.

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