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Mercury is part of the Darcrus project.

Mercury (MER)
Symbol MER
Total supply 100000000.0
Available supply 100000000.0

Market Statistics
Price BTC/MER 0.00002004BTC
Price USD/MER 0.122269$
24h Volume 129517.0$
Market Cap 12226900.0$
24h Change -4.33%
7d Change -8.03%

What is Mercury (MER)

Mercury will facilitate the communication between two different blockchains, Jupiter and Waves. As a Waves token, Mercury is used to pay the fees for transactions on the Waves blockchain, allowing Jupiter blockhashes to be time-stamped on the Waves blockchain by including them on said transactions. The Jupiter permissioned blockchain has been developed by Jelurida with storage capabilities in mind and will allow any person or company to store data on the blockchain through its built-in plugins. Waves does not have the ability to store complex data sets or small files like Jupiter, but since it allows transaction fees to be paid in custom assets, it’s the perfect blockchain to store Jupiter’s blockhashes.Mercury was airdropped to anyone with at least 1 WAVES token.

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