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The first version of the Waves Wiki was created by the Waves team, however, from here on it is intended to be a community project. As you all know, Waves is progressing nicely and new features are added frequently. While that is obviously awesome, it also requires us to create and maintain proper documentation and explanation for newcomers but also developers who want to build on Waves. More precisely, this means that we have to provide tutorials, an up-to-date FAQ, feature explanations, documentation for programmers and also translations in as many languages as possible.

If you wish to contribute to the Wiki, get in touch with @jordym on Slack. Also, make sure to join #waveswiki on Slack as most conversation will happen in there. We will evaluate your role together and get you comfortable with the Wiki itself. Please consider the style guide when working on the Wiki.

We will pay small, monthly bounties to contributors in WAVES and/or Waves tokens such as Incent or B@nkcoin. The size of the bounties are based on the monthly contribution scores to have a fair evaluation method. The amount paid per contribution point is to be determined after having successfully completed the first month of community work. The address of the Waves Wiki Bounty Pool is 3PDW4yA7e9VyUwrePyeUqsBhy3h83JibVnL.

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